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Input data to the BasemapH project from the Royal Danish Library
(2024-01-18) Geoff B. Groom; Svenningsen, Stig Roar; Levin, Gregor
This dataset contains raw scans as well as georeferenced images of 1; 20,000 topographic maps used in the BasemapH project. The maps were digitized from the Royal Danish Library Map Collection. Please see this report for more information: Levin, G., Groom, G. B., Svenningsen, S. R., & Perner, M. L. (2020). Automated production of spatial datasets for land categories from historical maps—Method development and results for a pilot study of Danish late-1800s topographical maps. (389; Scientific Report from DCE – Danish Centre for Environment and Energy). Aarhus University, DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy.
Faces without copyright zip
(Det Kgl. Bibliotek, 1858-1921) Det Kgl. Bibliotek
Holger Petersen
(Det Kgl. Bibliotek, 1911) Schou jun., Max (Albert) (16.10.1878-20.7.1944) fotograf
Andreas Frederik Krieger
(Det Kgl. Bibliotek, 1866/1931) Elfelt, Lars Peter (1.1.1866-18.2.1931) hoffotograf, filminstruktør
Viggo Lauritz Bentheim Hørup
(Det Kgl. Bibliotek, 1888/1913) Riise, Frederik (8.12.1863-11.1.1933) fotograf, generalkommissær