Meteorological site-level data from agricultural fields at Foulum (Denmark) from 25 May 2018 to 25 September 2019

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Pullens, J.W.M.
Kørup, K.
Plauborg, F.
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This dataset provides site-level, meteorological data from the agricultural research facilities at Foulum (Aarhus University) – part of the Danish Research Infrastructure AnaEE Denmark. The site is situated at Foulum, Central Jylland in Denmark in an agricultural field. The data set covers Air Temperature (TA), Relative Humidity (RH), Wind Direction (WD), Wind Speed (WS), Precipitation (P), Soil heat flux (G), Air pressure (PA), Net shortwave radiation (NETRAD), Global Radiation (SW_IN), Soil Temperature under grass (TS_1_1), Soil temperature at 10 and 30 cm depth (TS_2_1 and TS_2_2, respectively) for the period 20180525 to 20190925. The time resolution is hourly and contains a data flag for each variable to indicate the quality of the data. The dataset is supplemented by a metadata file with similar filename. This file gives information about units, sensors, logging intervals and data quality assurance procedures for the dataset. Format: ASCII (csv), comma separated. Data variable names and data files were created following a structure similar to the ICOS project (, with some additions when needed. The ICOS meta-data standards are described at Table-driven variable codes (GRIB codes) are provided for each data variable according to WMO guidelines of variable codes ( For more information on variable codes of WMO, see Acknowledgements: Margit Styrbæk Jørgensen and numerous technicians.
AnaEE Denmark, Foulum, Denmark, meteorological data, agriculture